The different industrial sectors are digitally and globally interconnected.

In particular, the industrial sector and mechanical engineering are no longer insular, independent areas. Nowadays the different industrial fields are digitally and globally interconnected, thus forming a network.

CDEI-UPC offers continuous training programs aimed at professionals interested in expanding or complementing their skillsets in different fields of industrial engineering, offering an encompassing view of mechanics, robotics and programming.

The Master’s Degree in Mechanics and Industrial Equipment (EMEI), led by CDEI-UPC via the UPC Foundation celebrated in 2021 its 23nd edition. Unique in its field in Catalonia, this master offers real contact with companies, greater methodological diversity in the mechanical engineering sector, and a structure aimed at letting the students reach their professional goals.

The teaching staff is comprised of professionals with protracted experience in the mechanical engineering sector, and offers a global and innovative perspective in this context.

Master’s degree

One of the most exciting, and usually most complex activities in engineering is the process of definition, design and development of a product or machine from a set of previously defined functions.

The design of industrial equipment is a multidisciplinary activity that encompasses, among others, the following subjects included in the EMEI master’s degree: Theory of machines and mechanisms, modelling and simulation, constructive solutions, actuators and their control, mechatronics, selection of market components, application of materials and processes, manufacturing technologies, ergonomics, security and recyclability.
All these activities are integrated in the same project.

Postgraduate degrees

This master’s degree is structured in the following modules. If the student is not interested in pursuing the full degree, it is possible to only enrol in one or various modules.

Design of Metallic and Polymeric Components

Design of industrial equipment and mechatronic machines with a flagship UPC technological centre.

Mechanical systems engineering

Discover the synergies between mechanics and electronics in a practical environment with many job prospects.

Conditioning factors and regulations

Discover the synergies between mechanics and electronics in a practical environment with many job prospects.

Robotic Systems Design

Design industrial equipment and mechatronic machines, hand in hand with a leading technology center of the UPC.


At the CDEI we offer specialized courses in Mechanical Engineering field.

Our goal

Design the perfect machine for the activity and location of your company.

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