Looming Factory is an alliance between R+D+i groups of the university and industrial fields to facilitate and accelerate the introduction of emerging technologies to the market, aligned with the needs and new challenges that arise from the digital revolution/transformation

  • Interconnected and intelligent factories
  • Robótica de colaboración en entornos productivos con demostración de estas tecnologías en entornos reales.

Collaboration with UPC

Looming Factory is coordinated by the Motor Control Industrial Applications (MCIA) research centre belonging to the UPC. Lead by Luis Romeral, it is tasked with developing and validating pilot plants of productive systems of the digital technologies of the so- called Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is characterized by the interconnection of machines and systems, the operative integration of workers with their productive environment, as well as the exchange of information with the logistical and distribution systems.

In this sense, four projects will be developed, amounting to a global inversion of €4 million: Smart Factory, Connected Factory, Factories of the Future, and Robots on Factory.

Robots on Factory

This project focuses on the use of space by robotic arms and mobile robots, and their collaboration with the workers.

The project includes the design of robots suited to the spaces of small and medium- sized industries, as well as the learning and implementation of movements and navigation that are secure for people.

The project integrates the study and development of the learning tools that will facilitate the interaction of people and robots, as well as the programming and training or the showcase of cases

Smart factory

This project takes into consideration the modelling and optimal operation of machinery and industrial processes, improving the energy efficiency in the industry and the diagnostics/ prognosis of failures and predictive maintenance.
Generating high added value information about the operational state of machines, systems and processes represents a key point in order to enable the subsequent data exploitation technologies.

Based on new trends of processing and artificial intelligence, new models of machines and systems will allow the introduction of autoanalysis capabilities and the ability to notify centralized platforms about the current operational data (operational conditions). They will also be able to implement algorithms for the optimization of systems and processes, as well as enable decision-making processes for operation and maintenance.

The project also includes as a goal the improvement of industrial efficiency. This is understood as the ability of machines, systems and industrial processes to perform tasks while minimizing resource spending.

Generation of a KTT model of activation and excellence

It is devoted to the intensification of knowledge transfer resulting from the 2016-2020 Acceleration and Transference UPC plan. This plan is funded in part by the Catalan local government (Generalitat) via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in order to develop the projects of the valorisation and transference units of Catalan universities, which are aimed at improving the interaction with the productive sector significantly.

The KTT 2019 Excellence Program aims at increasing the interaction of the UPC research groups with the productive sector, via the recruitment of support personnel for excellence projects

Our goal

Design the perfect machine for the activity and location of your company.

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