CDEI-UPC (Center for Industrial Equipment Design) is a technology innovation center at the Catalonia Polytechnic University with over a decade of experience carrying out research projects, technology transfers, and training sessions.

It's objective is lend support to the technology innovation and training needs of industrial, scientific and recreation equipment manufacturers to give them a competitive edge and collaborate in their designs and development. 


CDEI professionals are experts in machine engineering. Their field of activity encompasses everything from the conception, design, simulation and calculations of equipment and products to handling their prototypes and testing stages.

CDEI  has become a key player supporting many companies, who need to compete in innovation in order to survive. CDEI designs custom proposals suited to the specifications of each company. 



To complement our specialization, on projects requiring the integration of different technologies, the CDEI enlists the broad knowledge of other centers. One of those, is the Center for Innovation and Technology at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (CIT UPC), a non-profit organization created with the aim of  to put the research capacity of universities to serve the Company.

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